How To Make A Successful Profile For Raising Capital

Not every company will successfully raise capital by crowdfunding. Sure, the press picks up the huge wins and gets everyone excited, but those tend to be outliers. Raising Stakes Media aims to deliver your company a marketing campaign to attract loyal investors that will keep funds coming for life.

Here are some of our company profile suggestions that have proven most successful in raise campaigns:

There is an exciting, relatable, jaw-dropping product

Winning investors’ hearts and minds is a process that is emotional. Your supporters care about you. They understand your impact and relate to your brand, voice, and mission. RSM will craft a marketing campaign that will resonate with your audience and focus on your product and mission.

Companies whose products resonate with everyday people and clearly communicate their distinction and value will lead to a more successful offering. Remember, you’re no longer standing out from the rest of the “marketplace”, you’re up against the rest of the internet. The opportunity is larger, but the bar for success is higher.

There is a strong existing brand or a strong founder/investor/customer base

To keep your unique brand present in all you do, start by crafting a cohesive narrative. Although seemingly small, building this instant credibility with campaign page visitors can strengthen donors’ connection to your cause and inspire giving that stretches far beyond one campaign.

Make sure your brand is consistent. Your product should be recognizable to your donors to ensure their trust in your organization.

Perfect Candidates for Reg A+

Issuers with an existing following or fanbase are the perfect candidates for Reg A+ offerings. This is because their community represents untapped capital and the ability to reinforce their most loyal followers with “superfan” status as investors. 

RSM can help issuers save funds by creating targeted campaigns that appeal directly to their fanbase. 

The greatest challenge in raising capital via retail or the crowd is not the awareness of their offering, but turning interested people into actual investors. 

They are looking to raise a significant amount of capital

Headlines matter. A top reason investors reconsider making a donation is that they do not clearly understand the impact of their investment. Boiling down the core issue your company is seeking to address is non-negotiable for achieving your raise.

Offer a Solution to the Problem

Now that people are aware of the problem you’re trying to solve, you need to offer them a solution. Otherwise, your potential investors may struggle to understand how their investment will make a difference.

Demonstrate how you will address the problem with a tangible action plan and clarify if you’ve proven your model before. Potential supporters will appreciate the transparency and may feel more motivated to invest knowing you’ve been successful in the past.

Your Team

RSM’s expert marketing strategists will bring your company to the forefront by introducing your team to the world. We will explain the key features that make your company great. Our team will highlight your team members and focus on any achievements that will make your company stand out from the competition.

If you have further questions check out our Issuers FAQ

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